Yards Apart have a large commercial grounds maintenance division, offering a comprehensive range of services. We appreciate that no one has an exclusive right to your business, although we feel you may benefit from our cost effective service, saving you time and most importantly money.

We look after everything from lawns, hedges, flower beds and even your winter maintenance schedule, but as a customer orientated company we go to the next level as we are specialists in other areas too, like weed control, invasive weeds treatments, gritting and snow removal
So if you require your grounds to reflect your own high standards then choose Yards Apart as with every single job that we undertake, we pride ourselves on offering a cost effective, reliable service tailored to our client’s requirements.
All of our staff are uniformed, CRB checked and we are CHAS & SAFEcontractor accredited therefore complying with all up to date Health & Safety legislation. Yards Apart endeavours to ensure that we give the best solutions to our customer’s requirements. 


  • Total Weed Control
    on all Hard, Soft & Gravel Surfaces

    Lawn Maintenance
    Gang Mowing, Flailing, Pedestrian Mowing, Strimming, Scarifying & Lawn Treatment

  • Beds & Shrubbery
    Planting, Pruning, Edging & Weed Control

    Planted & Maintained

  • Arboriculture
    Thinning, Deadwood removal, Reductions, Crown Lifting, Felling, Pollarding, Pruning and site Clearance.

    Environmental Hygiene
    Leaf & Litter Clearance

  • Commercial Soft Landscaping

    Yards Apart a pro-active commercial landscaping company that works with you to achieve an end result that will make your client happy? We currently work with developers, landscape architects and local authorities.
    A Project Manager liaises with site managers, landscape architects and the directors to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Our landscapers work efficiently yet effectively and achieve the agreed standards in the agreed timeframe.

    Our services include:- 
    Turfing – Supply, deliver & install fine or amenity grade turf

    Planting – Design, supply & plant any trees or plants the customer requires.

    Border Decorative – Bark mulch, slate, pea gravel or stone. 




  • Vehicle Gritting

    Our winter maintenance teams are on 24/7 standby to ensure public safety within your car parks and premises. So whether you have one site or a number of multi sites that require a quick response gritting service, Yards Apart have the extensive knowledge and equipment to treat all large car parks and approach roads which require large carrying capacity machines. Or if it is a small site that requires smaller manoeuvrable units, this is where our ATV with SnowEx spreader comes in handy. Footpaths and those hard to access areas require our pedestrian spreaders. Therefore we match our equipment to site size and accessibility. After all, it is the accuracy and evenness of the spread that matters.

    Manual Gritting

    Our manual gritting service is for our smaller sites and for pedestrian areas and paths. This is a tailored service that fits with individual site and customer requirements. This service is complimented by the vehicular gritting fleet.

  • Snow Clearing 

    Snow clearing is for those conditions which are so severe that simply ploughing the snow to the side of the road is not enough, but the snow specifically needs lifting and moving to a designated area or even taken off site by trucks. Yards Apart has all of the requirements to complete this task along with the vehicles to transport the snow. Like snow ploughing this services is complimented by a salt spreader following as the snow is cleared.

    Rock Salt Distribution

    Stay ahead of the cold weather and benefit from Yards Apart’s great rock salt packages.

    Mega-Grip Rock
    Mega-Grip is a mix of 70% Rock salt and 30% Grit, designed to provide increased traction and grip helping to reduce accidents during hazardous weather conditions. This product can last up to 100% longer than standard Rock Salt, therefore making it the perfect solution for car parks, drives and pathways.

    Brown Rock Salt
    100% Pure Brown Winter Rock Salt, this product is not mixed and our brown rock salt conforms to BS3247 : 1991 and is the same product the Highways Agency uses so you can be confident in the knowledge that you have bought a safe and reliable salt product for winter.

    White Rock Salt
    White granular crushed rock salt. White Salt is a popular choice as it leaves little or no residue.

    White De-Icing Salt
    Yards Apart’s superior salt is the finest quality de-icing salt and is of the highest purity enabling you to use your salt more efficiently. The purity provides a quicker de-icing effect. Our salt is clean, anti-caking and leaves no residue on the ground, ideal for all access areas.
    Ordinary brown salt contains impurities that create a muddy sludge that is trampled into cars and buildings, costing time and money to clear up as well as having a slower effect.

    All our salt is supplied in a variation of bag sizes – from 25kg bags to the larger one tonne bags which are great for stockpiling 

  • Salt Bin Installation

    For full details contact our Head Office on 01724 488646 or e-mail: info@yardsapart.co.uk

    Yards Apart offer two types of Salt Bins, they are a 200 litre premium lockable bin and a standard 200 litre bin. All of our prices include delivery, installation of the bin, complete with approx.10 bags of salt and a handy shovel to enable spreading.
    Premium Lockable 200 litre Grit Bin -

    Holds approx. 10 bags.
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 710 x 720 x 750mm
    The lid is watertight and is fitted with 1 hasp and staple for locking.

    Standard 200 litre Grit Bin - Holds approx. 10 bags.
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 720 x 1020 x 520mm